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        (By Appointment Only Please)


Creating Cakes For Every Celebration

All our celebration cakes are freshly made to your specification, catering for lactose and gluten allergies.

                         ---please note, we do not make eggless cake---

We can make a fully decorated cake in less than 24 hours. Although more notice is required for models and complex work. Give us a call for those urgent cakes!!


choose from 20 different flavours or request one that is not listed. The price stays the same regardless of the flavour.*

  - Jam Sponge (Strawberry or raspberry jam)**

  - Vanilla

  - Coffee

  - Chocolate

  - Chocolate Fudge (Contains lactose)

  - Lemon (Drizzled with fresh lemon juice)

  - Strawberry & White Choc (Pink strawberry sponge with white choc chunks)

  - Lemon and Ginger Drizzle (Drizzled with lemon juice and ground ginger)

  - Cranberry & Orange (Drizzled with fresh orange juice)

  - Chocolate and Vanilla Marble

  - Ginger (With fresh orange icing) (Contains lactose)

  - Carrot (With fresh orange icing)***

  - Cherry & Almond (Almond flavoured sponge with chuncks of glace cherry)

  - Blueberry & Vanilla (Vanilla sponge with fresh blueberries)

  - Apple and cinnamon (Cinnamon Sponge with chunks of apple)

  - Lime and Coconut (Coconut flavoured sponge with a tasty, sharp lime icing)  

  - Strawberry and chocolate Marble

  - Chocolate and Orange Marble

  - Caramel & Fudge (Caramel flavoured sponge with chunks of homemade fudge)

  - Red Velvet (With a vanilla icing)***



*Any requested flavours with alcohol content will result in additional cost

**Please make you jam request upon ordering

***Cream cheese frosting available upon request at an additional cost